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Herradura "Store Pick" Anejo Double Barrel Tequila
SKU: 29279

Herradura "Store Pick" Anejo Double Barrel Tequila

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Category Anejo
Region Mexico, Jalisco
Brand Herradura

This is Bourbon Street's second Double Barrel Herradura, and our first Anejo! Aged for 25 months in a used toasted oak barrel (JD? Woodford?), followed by an additional month in a new toasted oak barrel.

Each bottle starts with a 100% agave tequila that is aged for 25 months in American white oak barrels; This tequila is then aged in a second toasted white oak barrel specially handcrafted to develop deep character and flavors, adding uncommon aromas, notes and smoothness.

Each tequila has a unique flavor profile, robust with outstanding piquant flavors, caramel notes, and subtle oak aroma that ends in a smooth warming finish.