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Knob Creek "Store Pick" Single Barrel Rye #3
SKU: 273403

Knob Creek "Store Pick" Single Barrel Rye #3

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Category Rye
Region United States, Kentucky
Brand Knob Creek

Bourbon Street Wine and Spirits Single Barrel Rye #3 was selected on February 19, 2019 at the distillery in Clermont, Kentucky.  It was placed in the barrel on October 7, 2013, making it just over 5 years old.  Stored on the 2nd Floor of Warehouse W-K. Bottled at 115 proof.  It has a dark rich amber color, with bold rye spiciness and undertones of vanilla and oak.

Over 25 years ago, master distiller Booker Noe set out to create a whiskey that adhered to the original, time-tested way of doing things. He named it Knob Creek. We age every batch in maximum-char barrels to pull every bit of natural sweetness from the oak. Then we bottle it at an uncommonly balanced 100 proof. Knob Creek is whiskey the way its supposed to be: full flavored. We make every drop count so that you can make every minute count.