Elijah Craig "Store Pick" Single Barrel Bourbon 12 year old

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Elijah Craig "Store Pick" Single Barrel Bourbon 12 year old
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This selection is a 12 year old single barrel!

Today, Heaven Hill Distillery preserves the Bourbon making traditions developed by Elijah Craig. Each bottle of our Bourbon is crafted with the same method used by Elijah over two hundred years ago: local corn and grains are milled and mixed with limestone-rich Kentucky spring water, then fermented and distilled. After years of aging in charred oak, our Master Distillers select the most complex barrels to become Elijah Craig Small Batch, Barrel Proof, and Single Barrel Bourbons. Our rich history and craftsmanship can be savored in every sip.

Category Bourbon
Region United States, Kentucky
Brand Elijah Craig
  • we95

Wine EnthusiastDeep color, medium-to-heavy feel. Strong, sweet fragrance with wood and spice tones. Butterscotch candy flavors, so strong I almost hear cellophane unwrapping, are echoed by some oak, caramel and vanilla. Smooth, not too much alcohol fire. Mellow, long finish with a touch of herbal and anise notes.

Kara Newman, September 1, 2010